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Man Narrates How Policemen Arrest And Harass Him In Abeokuta (Photo)

Say no to policebrutality, according to Facebook user, Adeleke Psalmseen Adekunle who narrates how policemen in abeokuta harass him and his friends. He wrote on his Facebook page. Right now, I'm still in shock cos everything that happened around 12:45pm to 2:30pm today, just be
like sey I dey watch Nollywood movie.
Me and two of my friends were sitting in front of a Mosque, three buildings away from my Sister's house (both of them are Muslim), they were about to perform ablution cos it was getting to Jumat time and I was busy forecasting # Bet9ja game on my phone.
That's how Nigeria Police Force officers from Adatan Police Station in Abeokuta came to arrest us ooo, they were Six in numbers. We asked them the crime we committed and they
didn't say anything (dem just dey tell us to follow dem).
They were about to handcuff us and I reject it by asking them to let me know what I did before I will allow them put that CHAIN of SHAME in my hands.
The next thing I heard was wozza (SLAP) on my face and I hit the
officer back (no time to dull atall), before I could say anything again - they started making use of there Kondo (ball stick) on me.
To cut the long story short, we eventually followed them to their
station. When we got there, they took us to one of their office and
asked us to write our statement and we did, 20mins later their D.P.O
asked them to bring us and he questioned us.
At the end of his questions, he told his men to release us and he said
"I'm sorry for how my men treated you people, they were only doing
their job."
On our way to the station, na so this useless set of Police officers park their van and went straight inside one Beer Parlor by the
roadside (dem arrest all d people inside, Eight in numbers).
After D.P.O told them to release us, could you believe it that those guys still took us back to their office,
telling us that we are to bail ourselves with 30k each (me just dey
laff cos dem no know who dem jam today).
People that were around when this shit happened in my sister's hood,
called my sister and Police Public Relations Officer (more than 20
times, different people).
# PPR made a call to that station D.P.O (me no know wetin dem discuss
ooo). That's how D.P.O came out shouting on his men that "I told you
to release this people since, why did you bring them back here?." (those oloshi officers couldn't say anything). That's how we got freed from them without paying 1kobo for bail.
Special thanks to all the people that turned up for use. May the good Lord be with you all forever. Amen When I tell people that I'm sick and tired of this country, it's like I
don't know what I'm saying to most of them. Shey na like dis we go dey go? Hmmmm
# OluwaWaa.

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